Mobile and Web App Development

Developing a number of mobile and and web apps. Here are some of them...

September 2022: Livanda Change Chain

Another free app developed for Livanda. A science based cognitive behavioral therapy tool to help planning, doing and following up on activities that improves a persons well-being.

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August 2022:
- A New Food Supplement Price Comparison Site

Now we are launching a new free site for effective price comparison of food supplements.

It is not easy to quickly compare prices of supplements when the suppliers have different amounts of active ingridients per tablet, different number of tablets per package and different prices per package. Now, with Vitamini, this is finally made simple.

June 2022: White Balance Kelvin Meter

A brand new and much improved variant of the classic app that launched more than 10 years ago on and sold more than 25 000 copies around the world.

The app measures color temperature of light (so that you can set the appropriate white balance setting on your camera). This new variant now supports real-time measurements and calibration for outstanding accuracy.

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Soon also available on App Store

April 2022: Livanda Sleep Optimizer

A new free app developed for Livanda, with science based recommendations to improve sleep with Sleep Restriction Therapy. More Health apps for Livanda currently under development.

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November 2021: Online Invoice Creator

A new free simple online tool for making invoices (fakturor) made specifically for the swedish market that has been lacking such a free online tool.

October 2021: Swedish Coast Water Temp

A new free miniature app with current water temperatures on the swedish coast now available on Google Play and as a Web App.

October 2021: E-ink Image Converter

A new free online tool for converting images for E-Ink screens, like ebook readers.

IT Consulting

15+ years of experience in software development (Python, Dart/Flutter, Java, C/C++, Javascript, ...) and leadership (software architect, test leader, product owner, project manager, scrum master, ...). Special interest in test automation and driving organizations towards continuous integration and continuous delivery.

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Specialized in finding and capitalizing on stock market anomalies with a math and AI approach. Many years of experience and successful outcomes. For more information please contact

Photography and Art

Photography specialized in portraiture and wedding photography. Please see the Photography Section for more information and images.

Competitive Intelligence

Inventing, designing and implementing an online competitive intelligence tool. For more information please contact

Information Handling

There have never been more data and information available than today. Data that is important to your business. But it can be hard to find and gather the data that you would benefit from. If you need help to find and collect data that is relevant for you and turn the data into useful information, please contact