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White Balance Color Temperature Kelvin Meter

A fantastic tool for professional photographers, light enthusiasts and gardeners

When we released world's first app for measuring color temperature of light more than 10 years ago, it became very popular. This is the modern version that is appreciated by thousands of professional photographers around the world.

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App Store 4.7

As of April 2024

Color Meter

Color Meter stands out from the competition by its accuracy achieved through its unique utilization of a white paper reference, compensating for diverse lighting conditions

Color Meter boasts a diverse user base, ranging from British algae researchers to Japanese hairdressers and Ugandan sweet potato researchers to American color print professionals. This app serves as a very cost-effective alternative to expensive professional color meters, providing predictable and reproducible results, as confirmed by numerous researchers.

Key Features

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App Store 4.6

As of April 2024

LED Light Flicker Meter

Have you experienced eye strain, headache, migraine or other symptoms from exposure to flickering lights or screens?
Use this app to measure flicker levels and identify flicker-free lights and screens!

This app measures flickering of light that flicker/blink too quickly for the human eye to perceive. Despite being invisible, such flickering can cause eye strain, headaches, migraines and even epilepsy seizures.
Use this app to measure if your LED lamps, bulbs, fluorescent tube lights and screens are flickering and how much.
The app not only meausres flickering percentage, but also allows you to measure flicker frequency in Hz.

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App Store 4.2

As of April 2024

Dominant Wavelength Light Spectrometer

This spectormeter app measures the dominant wavelength of light

This app allows you to effortlessly measure the dominant wavelength of various light sources. For light with a single wavelength, like that emitted by a standard colored LED, the dominant wavelength corresponds to the light's wavelength.
The width of the spectrum is constrained by your device's camera and its internal reporting of light and color. Therefore do not expect the meter to work for non-visible light such as ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) ligth.
While not necessary on most devices and in typical circumstances, you can use the built-in calibration feature for extra precise measurements.

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App Store 4.3

As of April 2024

Exposure Light Lux Meter

This Lux Meter app measures the illuminance or brightness of light.

Easily measure light intensity in any environment with either the light sensor (incident measurement, only on Android) or the back or front camera (reflective measurement / spot metering). The app also has an easy to use full-time manual override exposure meter to quickly find what combinations of Aperture, Speed and ISO that would create a normal exposure.
While not needed on most devices, the app also features an advanced calibration for optimal results on all devices.

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App Store 5.0

As of April 2024

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Say goodbye to guesswork! All our apps provide real-time measurements, allowing you to make instant adjustments and decisions based on accurate data

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We take pride in the unparalleled accuracy of our measurements. Despite the limitations of regular smartphones our goal is that you shall be able to trust our apps to deliver precise and reliable results every time

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We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and continuously enhancing our apps based on your needs and your requests

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Our apps have made their mark across the globe, empowering you from all corners of the world to harness the power of light and color measurement using regular smartphones.

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