IT Consulting

15+ years of experience in software development (Python, Java, C/C++, Javascript/HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL, ...) and leadership (software architect, test leader, product owner, project manager, scrum master, ...). Special interest in test automation and driving organizations towards continuous integration and continuous delivery. Interested? Please contact

App Development

20 000+ sold Android apps for photography, light and color handling. Please see Google Play.


Specialized in finding and capitalizing on stock market anomalies with a math and AI approach. Many years of experience and successful outcomes. For more information please contact

Photography and Art

Photography specialized in portraiture and wedding photography. More information and images are found here.

Competitive Intelligence

Currently inventing, designing and implementing an online competitive intelligence tool. For more information please contact

Information Handling

There have never been more data and information available on the Internet than today. Data that can be important to your business. But it can be hard to find and gather the data that you would benefit from. If you need help to find and collect data that is relevant for you and turn the data into useful information, please contact